Peine d’amour

broken-heart-dp-for-whatsappIn the evening of Dec. 18, 2011 I said “Yes” to someone who made my heart beats faster for the second time. It happened so fast, I just felt love again and the need to be loved. Today, Dec. 18, 2016 is supposed to be our 5th Anniversary but  I already ended it a month ago. So many things happened for this five years. The person whom I thought a good man, God fearing, responsible and loved me is not real. I’m grateful to God for His signs and warnings. I know my worth and I should never settle for anything less.

My heart is like a glass broke into pieces. This is the hardest pain in my life. I know it’s not easy to move on but I have to. I know everything has a purpose because God has a definite reason for this to happened. It is for me to learn and grow emotionally, to fight and stand for what is right and to follow His will.

“To know whether something is meant to be yours, let go of it. If it returns, it has always been yours to have. If it doesn’t, it was never meant to be.” ~ Celestine Chua


My First Flight

10478194_1470341616538289_112235094337790932_nJune 13, 2014 – one of the most exciting day of my life! It was my first time to ride a plane. I am anxious and happy at the same time. It felt so good when you were above the clouds. I am grateful of Royale, because of this business I have not only able to fly, I also experienced riding a train. Thank you God for this chance and opportunity. To God be the glory!


Harmony’s Double Celebration

This was on October 11, 2013.  I was invited to attend my cousin’s daughter birthday and to be one of her godparents.  Her name is Harmony Cabardo.  It was held in Guipos Zamboanga del Sur.



Mama B-Day Bash..

Celebrating mama’s birthday @Yummies Restaurant. Thanking God for her another life to live. We feel blessed. Thank You God..





My Mother’s Natal Day!


First Accident Experienced :[

944776_479667012107000_1966862172_nApril 30,2013 – the day we leaved GenSan.  We were all excited to get back home but unfortunately around 1Pm, a sudden accident happened. With just a blink of an eye the van almost hit the ten wheelers.  I sat on the front sit, so I exactly saw how it happened. I felt like I’m chilling and my heart pump so fast. After all, we are thankful that all of us were safe and fine. We were very grateful to God for protecting us from possible death.  All the glory for Him.. 945987_479667005440334_1794082801_n Continue reading

~Olaer Spring Resort~

It was our last day in GenSan and at the same time April’s birthday.  OLAER SPRING RESORT – one of the best spring resort in GenSan. ! The water here is clear and cold. We had so much fun! Thanks to Oliva Family for bringing us here. Till next time…… 😉